Notebook and Pen

Kate Oczypok

Washington, DC based freelance writer

Welcome to my world! I am a woman who wears many hats—teacher, photographer and the purpose of this site, writer. I've loved writing ever since I was young and I am delighted to be doing it professionally now. I encourage you to read some of my work below to get a better idea of what I write.


A Bit About Me

My Bio

I was born in Pittsburgh, PA and moved to DC for college. I've been here ever since! I currently freelance for various publications in the mornings, teach piano to around 30 students in the after school hours and do family and portrait photography on occasional weekends. I live just north of DC with my fiancé and French bulldog. I love movies, reading (not just novels, I subscribe to around 10 magazines!), journaling and entertaining friends and family.


My Latest Work

Here are some of my latest pieces.

*Updated September 2021*

We Spoke with D.C.'s Homeless Residents

Building a Resilient Parish


My Writing: Local Publications

From Pittsburgh to DC to LA, here are some locally-based pieces of mine.

Check out a sampling of my published articles from local outlets below and get in touch for more.

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"I know, you're probably one of those cheerful people who dot their "i's" with little hearts." 

When Harry Met Sally (aka my favorite movie!)

A recent quote I love: "Gather friends and feed them, laugh in the face of calamity, and cut out all the things––people, jobs, body parts––that no longer serve you," from a new memoir called "Ladyparts" by Deborah Copaken.